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In a desperate attempt to cater to the hipster market, tech-giant Sony has released a new camera model that discards traditional photos for AI-generated poetry. Dubbed the “PicassoPixel”, Sony believes the camera’s approach of replacing snapshots with short, quirky poems will revolutionize the industry.

“The PicassoPixel combines the fleeting beauty of the moment with the complexity of the human soul,” said Sony’s Chief of Pretentious Products, Ignatius Hawthorne III. “Why just take a photo of your latte when you can capture its essence in a ‘haiku of the heart’?”

The camera’s AI software, codenamed “DeepSigh,” analyzes the proposed image and then, rather than snapping a photo, it composes a short poem. Early reviews have been mixed, with users praising its creativity, while others complain about the lack of actual photos.

“I tried taking a photo of my dog,” said one disgruntled user. “Instead, the camera gave me a sonnet about the existential angst in a canine’s eyes. It’s deep and all, but I just wanted a cute pic for Instagram.”

Sony remains confident in the PicassoPixel’s popularity, stating, “People don’t want photos anymore. They want to feel misunderstood and complex. A blurry photo of a pop concert just can’t deliver that, but a poem about the melancholy of fleeting sound probably can.”

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