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A revolutionary step in the technological evolution of news dissemination has been announced by Silicon Valley prodigy, Dr. Norma Cliche. Her groundbreaking Artificial Intelligence (AI) system, ChatterBot, is set to take the place of your local gossiping grannies, promising a ‘fundamental change in the news ecosystem’.

“Picture it: no more will you need to suffer through Agnes’ baking anecdotes to hear who’s divorcing in the neighborhood. ChatterBot will keep you up-to-date, without the unnecessary fluff and prune recipes,” Cliche boasted at the press conference.

As per our sources, ChatterBot has been fitted with a high-capacity gossip generator and an algorithm that can turn even the most mundane events into earth-shattering revelations. It will scan local social media, eavesdrop on conversations, and even peek through curtains to ensure it’s always first with the juicy details.

While the news has created a buzz in the tech world, some are skeptical. Harold Jones, a retired postman and regular victim of the gossiping grannies, expressed his doubts. “Will it be able to capture the nuances of Doris’ disapproving tut? Or replicate the horror in Ethel’s eyes when she heard about the Johnsons’ son’s tattoo? I’m not convinced,” he said.

Regardless, the future of news could be changing and it’s clear that the race is on to see who can spread the most sensational gossip - AI or old age.

AInspired by: AI a ‘fundamental change in the news ecosystem’: Expert