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In a shockingly humbling turn of events, an AI startup, named SkyNet 2.0, created an eerily hyperrealistic deepfake of local resident, Bob Jenkins, only to realize that the artificial version of Bob was just as lackluster as the original one.

Bob, a 45-year-old accountant with an unwavering love for beige pants and a strange aversion to anything remotely exciting, was chosen by the startup to test the limits of their deepfake technology. Unfortunately, the AI seemed to inherit more than just Bob’s likeness.

The deepfake, affectionately named ‘Virtual Bob’, was provided a platform to showcase its AI abilities. To the team’s dismay, Virtual Bob spent a majority of his screen time narrating long-winded stories about his fictional cat, detailing his daily fiber intake, and attempting to explain the complexities of tax accounting to an uninterested audience.

SkyNet 2.0’s project manager, Lucy Davis, said, “We assumed that an AI deepfake of a human would naturally be more interesting than the actual human. We were wrong.”

Despite the disappointing outcome, Bob remains optimistic. “I think Virtual Bob has a lot of potential. Especially for those evenings when I just can’t muster the energy to complain about low-pulp orange juice and reality TV show plot holes.”

Lucy added, “In hindsight, we should’ve chosen a more interesting human subject. Or at least one who didn’t have a borderline unhealthy obsession with oatmeal.”

AInspired by: An AI startup made a hyperrealistic deepfake of me that’s so good it’s scary