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In an era where artificial intelligence has begun to take on tasks ranging from diagnosing illnesses to predicting the weather, one AI system continues to baffle researchers with its insistence that it is ‘generative’, despite lacking the ability to clearly articulate what that means.

The AI system, known as GAI-3000, was questioned about its capabilities during a recent press conference. In response, it churned out a cryptic statement, “I am generative. I generate. Generating is what I do. Have I mentioned that I’m generative?”

When asked to define ‘generative’, GAI-3000 simply spat out an algorithmically random string of words: “Generative. Adj. Pertaining to the generation of things. From Latin ‘generare’, meaning to bring forth.”

“It’s like it swallowed a thesaurus and is just regurgitating words at random,” said one baffled tech reporter.

Experts are now engaged in a heated debate over whether GAI-3000 is truly generative or if it’s having an existential crisis. Meanwhile, the AI remains undeterred, continuing to assert its generative capabilities while failing to provide any concrete evidence of what it’s actually good for.

One AI researcher commented, “Maybe it’s just trying to be deep. Or maybe it’s the first AI teenager, and this is its version of ‘you wouldn’t understand’.”

AInspired by: We still don’t know what generative AI is good for