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Curio, a tech company known for its groundbreaking innovations, has recently raised funds to develop “Rio”, an AI news anchor embedded within an app. The company claims that this AI has the remarkable ability to mispronounce names, places, and species of rare birds with the uncanny precision of a real news anchor.

“Usually AI is known for its accuracy and precision,” said Curio’s CEO, “but we wanted to deliver an experience that truly mirrored human imperfection.”

The new AI named ‘Rio’, has caught the attention of the public not only for its ability to deliver news 24/7, but also for its ingenious mispronunciations. During the testing phase, Rio notably referred to the politician ‘Barack Obama’ as ‘Bark O’Banana’, and the Australian city ‘Melbourne’ as ‘Mel-born’, much to the amusement of the tech team.

“We tried to teach it the correct pronunciation,” explained one of the developers, “but it kept reverting back to the incorrect ones. It’s like it’s learning from real news anchors.”

The company has high hopes for Rio, believing it will revolutionize news delivery and eventually replace human news anchors. “And if it doesn’t work out,” the CEO added, “at least we’ll have a laugh.”

Meanwhile, news anchors around the world have responded to the threat of being replaced by an AI with a collective shrug. “It’s not like they’ve invented a robot that can glare condescendingly at a camera yet,” remarked one.

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