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In the fiercely competitive world of artificial intelligence, tech moguls are turning to surprising new strategies to get ahead: plumbing.

A source close to the matter revealed: “Let’s face it, no one wants to admit they’ve lost a multi-billion dollar race because their robot couldn’t flush the toilet properly.”

Industry bigwigs are reportedly investing millions into research and development for state-of-the-art robotic plumbing systems. “Our A.I. can beat chess masters and predict stock market trends, but ask it to unblock a toilet and it’s game over,” admitted a Silicon Valley insider.

One tech giant, which prefers to remain nameless, is reportedly developing an A.I. system with the ability to detect a toilet overflow from a mile away. “We’re calling it the ‘iPlunge’,” said the project lead, with a straight face.

While some critics argue that these tech companies should redirect their focus toward more pressing global issues, others maintain that tech’s newfound interest in plumbing could revolutionize the industry.

Meanwhile, plumbers around the globe are cashing in on the trend, offering “plumbing for dummies” crash courses to desperate tech developers. “Never thought I’d see the day when a computer nerd would pay me to teach him how to unclog a toilet,” laughed one plumber, all the way to the bank.

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