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In a surprising turn of events that was supposed to revolutionize the world of artificial intelligence, the much-anticipated AI of the future unveiled yesterday, turned out to be less “intelligence” and more “artificial”.

The AI, named ‘Futuria’, failed to complete the basic task of assembling a Lego set, disappointing the highly expectant crowd. The machine, touted as the epitome of future technology, was shown struggling to differentiate between a 2x4 brick and a Lego minifigure, leading tech enthusiasts worldwide to question if they’d put their faith in a glorified toaster.

Dr. Ivana Hype, the lead scientist, seemed visibly upset with the outcome, stating, “This is not how it happened in the simulations. It was supposed to be like Skynet, not a failing claw machine at a run-down arcade.”

The audience gasped and groaned as Futuria continuously dropped bricks and even tried to eat a Lego tree, leading to a malfunction that had the machine making noises similar to a constipated Wookiee.

“I expected it to be the next Tony Stark’s JARVIS, but all I saw was a glorified Furby with an identity crisis,” lamented one disheartened attendee.

In response to the AI’s performance, Lego has released a statement: “Even our 3-year-old testers have a more successful assembly rate.”

Despite the setback, Dr. Hype remains optimistic, suggesting maybe they should lower the bar in the future, “Perhaps we’ll start with Duplo blocks next time.”

AInspired by: I Witnessed the Future of AI, and It’s a Broken Toy