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In a shocking revelation that has rocked the Silicon Valley, Artificial Intelligence (AI) start-ups are facing a brutal reality check - no amount of sophisticated programming can trick a bank account into displaying more money than it actually contains.

The revelation came after tech entrepreneurs, arrogantly confident in their coding ability, discovered that no combination of Python, Java, or even the dreaded C++ could persuade their bank account balance to generate extra zeroes, despite how badly they needed a new ping pong table for the office.

“Wait, so you mean that complex algorithms can’t multiply my real-world dollars?” asked a distraught tech CEO, whose name has been withheld to protect him from the mockery of the real business world.

Meanwhile, the banks are reportedly having a hard time containing their laughter. “It’s almost endearing that these tech whiz kids thought they could outsmart a system that has been in place long before they even knew how to spell ‘algorithm’,” said an anonymous source from a leading bank.

Despite the harsh reality check, the start-ups remain defiant. One optimistic coder claimed, “We’ll just pivot to blockchain. That’s still magic internet money, right?”

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