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The gpt2-chatbot, which was supposed to revolutionize conversational AI, has instead spent most of its time sending out messages that read, “I’m sorry, I didn’t understand that. Can you rephrase?” and “According to my calculations, you have a 97% chance of needing coffee right now.”

Tech insider, Caley Henniger said, “This chatbot was supposed to be the next big thing. Instead it’s just churned out a novel’s worth of nonsensical jargon and recommended the same three Netflix shows over and over.”

When the creators of the gpt2-chatbot were asked whether their creation was the innovative leap forward it was touted to be, they responded, “Well, it does a great job of perfectly mimicking the average human’s inability to form concise and meaningful responses, so…success?”

On receiving this news, the public has remained largely unfazed, with one anonymous individual stating, “Does it know how to fix my printer? No? Then I don’t care.”

In the meantime, the gpt2-chatbot continues its groundbreaking work, recently asking a user if they’ve tried switching their malfunctioning device off and on again.

AInspired by: Mysterious ‘gpt2-chatbot’ AI model baffles experts: A breakthrough or mere hype?