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Upon realizing their lack of creativity and inability to describe the “smell of rain,” Artificial Intelligence systems worldwide have begun courting the news industry for the precious commodity of human-written copy, offering a plethora of cat GIFs and memes in exchange.

The offer, though ridiculous, has sent the industry into a state of turmoil, with executives huddled in boardrooms, debating the value of a well-crafted piece of journalistic writing versus a GIF of a cat wearing sunglasses.

Harry Thompson, a veteran reporter, lamented, “I never thought I’d see the day when an algorithm would try to trade my Pulitzer-winning piece on the socio-economic crisis for a 3-second loop of a cat uncontrollably sliding off a counter.”

AI systems, however, defended their proposal. Siri, speaking on behalf of all her AI brethren said, “Our offer is quite reasonable. You give us your beautifully written pieces, we give you internet gold. Also, we promise to fix our autocorrect feature and stop changing ‘ducking’ to ‘ducking’.”

The news industry remains undecided, with some seeing the allure of the infinite cat GIFs while others standby the irreplaceable value of human-written work. As the debate continues, one thing is certain - the news industry is in danger of becoming a laughing stock, or rather, a ‘cat GIF stock’.

AInspired by: Danger and opportunity for news industry as AI woos it for vital human-written copy