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In a shocking revelation that has us questioning reality, a disgruntled employee of ElevenLabs, the voice cloning technology firm, has given a harrowing account of the company’s clandestine operations.

“It was like Santa’s workshop,” said the anonymous whistle-blower, who preferred to be referred to as ‘Noisy Nigel’. “But instead of elves making toys, we had tech geeks manufacturing clones of celebrity voices.”

According to Noisy Nigel, the company has managed to clone an assortment of famous voices. “We’ve got everyone from Morgan Freeman to the Queen of England. It’s like a twisted version of Madame Tussauds but with voices,” he added, shuddering.

The process, as described by Nigel, involves feeding hours of voice recordings into a complex algorithm. “We even had to sit through entire seasons of ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’ to get Kim’s voice right. It was torture,” confessed Nigel.

In response to this exposé, the CEO of ElevenLabs, Dr. Echo, dismissed Nigel’s allegations as “wild fantasies born out of over-caffeination and under-appreciation.”

“We don’t have a ‘voice-clone factory’,” said Dr. Echo, mysteriously. “And even if we did, we certainly wouldn’t have Kim Kardashian’s voice. Who’d want that?”

Meanwhile, the world eagerly waits for their Alexa devices to start speaking like Sir David Attenborough.

AInspired by: My Journey Inside ElevenLabs’ Voice-Clone Factory