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In a bold and somewhat delusional move, Quora CEO Adam D’Angelo has declared that OpenAI is not a competitor, suggesting that the world-famous artificial intelligence research lab is not even visible in his rearview mirror.

While introducing Quora’s newest chatbot platform, Poe, D’Angelo seemed oddly confident, stating that, “Poe is superior. He can answer how to boil an egg and even tackle existential queries such as ‘why is my cat ignoring me?’ OpenAI could never.”

The CEO then went on to share Quora’s ambitious AI plans, which mostly consisted of Poe becoming a global sensation, replacing teachers, therapists, and possibly even parents.

When asked whether he considered the globally recognised and renowned OpenAI as a threat, D’Angelo laughed for a solid four minutes before replying, “OpenAI? More like OpenWho? Let’s be real, have you seen their chatbot? It’s about as threatening as a Roomba with anger issues.”

Despite D’Angelo’s confidence, industry insiders have voiced concerns that Quora may be underestimating rivals. One anonymous source even suggested that D’Angelo’s dismissal of OpenAI might be more akin to an ostrich sticking its head in the sand, rather than the strategic genius of a tech overlord.

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