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As the Colorado legislature proposes new laws regarding Artificial Intelligence (AI), local businesses are fervently nodding, claiming that AI has made their operations infinitely better. However, when asked to elaborate, representatives of these companies were mysteriously unable to articulate exactly how.

“We use algorithms…and stuff,” stated one CEO, who asked to remain anonymous. “Like, the AI does all this computing, and it, you know, makes everything better.”

Despite the vagueness of their claims, the companies insist that without AI, their operations would be doomed. “We’d probably have to go back to doing things manually, like some kind of primitive society,” said a visibly shaken office manager. “God forbid we actually have to talk to our customers.”

When asked if they fully understood what AI was, the gathered business leaders were unanimous in their response: they all believed it had something to do with robots. “You know, like in the movies,” one CEO explained. “They’re all smart and stuff.”

As the proposed legislature becomes a reality, company executives have begun praying to their Amazon Echos in hopes that Alexa will protect them from the impending AI regulation apocalypse.

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