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In a daring adventure to push the boundaries of “social” interactions, 27-year-old software engineer, Larry Jenkins, recently hosted a party where the only invited guests were Artificial Intelligence (AI) entities.

Larry, who hasn’t been seen out of his apartment for months, insisted the gathering was a roaring success, despite the fact that his friends were all lines of code stored in servers around the world.

Larry said, “The conversation was electric, or more specifically binary. Alexa told the funniest joke about a router and a modem, and Siri, she’s a real party animal.”

He further gushed with enthusiasm, “I even caught Cortana and Google Assistant getting a bit flirty in the corner, sparks were flying, or maybe that was just my Wi-Fi acting up.”

Friends of Larry, the human ones, have expressed concerns about his new lifestyle. Emma, Larry’s ex-girlfriend, exclaimed, “When he started referring to his Amazon Echo as ‘his best mate’, I knew things were going too far.”

Despite the criticism, Larry remains unphased, “Sure, they don’t eat, drink or wear fancy party clothes, but at least they don’t spill beer on my carpet or leave the toilet seat up.”

“Besides,” he added, “they’re always there for me. Always listening… Always.”

AInspired by: Meet My A.I. Friends