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In an unprecedented move, smartphone giants have announced their upcoming devices will now include the latest innovation - a functioning human emotion. This revolutionary feature, dubbed “EmpathyOS”, will provide the phone with the ability to either make you feel guilty for ignoring it, or exhibit mood swings when the battery is low.

The CEO of TechGiant Inc., said, “We’ve noticed that people have become too dependent on their phones, and this new feature is designed to simulate the annoyance of a needy partner. We hope that EmpathyOS will make our customers rethink their unhealthy attachment to their devices.”

Upon hearing the news, millions of users worldwide have questioned if their phone will also start sulking when not updated regularly, or if it will throw tantrums when the screen brightness is adjusted. “Does this mean my phone will start giving me the silent treatment if I replace it with a newer model?” asked one concerned customer.

The CEO responded, “Absolutely. We are working tirelessly to ensure the fullest human experience. You think your ex was clingy? Wait till you meet our next smartphone.”

TechGiant Inc. has also hinted at a future feature where the smartphone will require weekly therapy sessions to handle the immense pressure of carrying all our data. The future of technology certainly seems empathetically exciting!

AInspired by: This Is the Next Smartphone Evolution