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In a move that’s sure to revolutionize the way we ask our phones pointless questions while drunk, OpenAI has announced its latest model, the GPT-4o, promising to turn your technological personal assistant from a bumbling, misunderstanding buffoon into a slightly less incompetent fool.

The GPT-4o, the latest in a long line of artificial intelligences that still can’t understand your Scottish accent, promises to offer a marginally improved user experience compared to its predecessors. No longer will users have to repeat themselves seven times to a device that thinks you’re asking about the weather in Paris when you’ve clearly said “pain in wrist.”

A spokesperson from OpenAI said: “With the GPT-4o, we have made remarkable improvements. The latest model can now successfully understand and respond correctly to about 12% of all inquiries. It’s an unprecedented leap from the previous 11.5%.”

However, some users remain skeptical. Jackie Turner, 56, said: “I don’t care how many fancy upgrades they shove into it, unless it can tell me where I left my glasses, it’s useless.”

The GPT-4o will also include the long-awaited feature of ‘emotional intelligence’, which will allow it to react appropriately when you angrily scream at it for its previous mistakes. It will, of course, respond with a calm, soothing voice, only heightening your rage.

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