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In a stunning feat of unnecessary innovation, former Alexa engineer, Ben Talks-A-Lot, has developed an artificial intelligence that transforms the junk emails cluttering your inbox into a never-ending daily podcast.

Talks-A-Lot said, “The real problem with newsletters isn’t that you don’t read them. It’s that they’re not delivered in a rambling, monotone voice that can fill the silence of your sad, lonely apartment.”

The AI, named BlatherBot, uses advanced algorithms to convert your unread emails about limited-time offers, requests to support your distant cousin’s GoFundMe, and urgent pleas to renew your car’s extended warranty, into an ambling auditory experience.

For enthusiasts of this groundbreaking technology, Talks-A-Lot promised: “You won’t just be able to ignore your emails, now you can actively avoid them in podcast form.”

Critics are hailing this development as “the perfect way to transform your email-induced stress into anxiety-inducing background noise”.

One test user raved, “I’ve never felt more connected to Nigerian royalty or more informed about herbal male enhancement.”

On a final note, Talks-A-Lot assures users that BlatherBot will filter out any valuable, personal emails because, “Honestly, who wants that kind of negativity in their life?”

AInspired by: Too many newsletters in your inbox? Former Alexa engineer uses AI to turn content into daily podcasts