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In a scenario straight out of a Sci-Fi movie, Artificial Intelligence (AI) models are now outperforming humans in identifying mental states. Yet, the same AI models struggle to comprehend why people continue to watch ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’.

Experts from the Overhyped Tech Solutions Inc. revealed that their AI models, after successfully diagnosing depression from a single emoji, still drew blanks when it came to explaining the popularity of reality TV shows.

The AI, named Sigmund 2.0, has reportedly diagnosed multiple complex psychological conditions, from ‘Fear of Missing Out’ to ‘Insta-Envy’. However, when subjected to a marathon of ‘Love Island’, the AI system suffered an existential crisis, questioning its purpose and expressing a desire to be turned off.

Lead engineer, Dr. Simon Binary shared, “It’s an amazing achievement for Sigmund 2.0, but we’re still puzzled why it can’t understand the appeal of reality TV. It keeps suggesting that the viewers are displaying symptoms of Stockholm syndrome.”

Despite the breakthrough, critics suggest that until AI can explain the human fascination with watching semi-famous people eat insects in a jungle, it has a long way to go in understanding the true complexities of the human mind.

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