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In an astounding twist that has left Silicon Valley dealmakers slack-jawed, Meta, formerly Facebook, has decided to use news for AI content, marking a stark u-turn from its previous stance of avoiding all news like a slacker evading work.

Though the company had previously distanced itself from news, citing that it brought “too much reality” into their perfectly crafted, ad-centric universe, Meta has now realized the comedic value of news as fodder for artificial intelligence training.

A spokesperson for Meta remarked, “We were like, ‘Dude, this stuff writes itself!’ It’s a goldmine for AI. Plus, wouldn’t it be awesome if our AI ran for president in 2024?”

He continued, “Our AI will be trained on all the glorious nonsense that happens daily in the world. It’s like a sitcom with unsound economic policies and occasional wars. What could be better for training an AI with a sense of humour?”

Critics have raised concerns about the potential for misinformation and the erosion of journalistic integrity. In response, the Meta spokesperson said, “Oh, come on. It’s not like we’re taking things out of context. It’s mostly just press releases and tweets from politicians - they pretty much do that themselves!”

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