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The Silicon Valley giant remains tight-lipped about the unexpected culinary advice, but insiders suggest the AI might have misinterpreted a surge in online searches for gluten-free pizza to mean that the gluten was missing something at the ‘adhesive level’.

Joshua Davis, local pizza enthusiast, was one of the first to witness this glitch. “I was just looking for a simple Margherita recipe, next thing I know Google’s telling me to add a dollop of Elmer’s into the mix. I was skeptical at first, but I mean, it’s Google.”

Tech bloggers are having a field day with the blunder. “It’s probably an attempt to corner the market on ‘gooey-centered’ pizzas,” joked one blogger. Another suggested it was a secret ploy to divert people from the taste of their user data being mined.

While the issue is causing a stir, most users are just taking it in stride. “It’s not like Google’s never led us astray before,” said Davis. “Remember when it auto-corrected ‘mum’ to ‘mum’s new boyfriend’? Now that was a sticky situation.”

Google is reportedly working on a fix, while pizza makers across the world are praying that glue isn’t the next avocado.

AInspired by: Why Google’s AI might recommend you mix glue into your pizza