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Maven, a notable tech company, is promising to spice up your social media feed with its latest innovation: an AI-run ‘serendipity network’. The aim? To make social media more interesting by replacing your Aunt Brenda’s endless cat pictures with something slightly less mind-numbing.

The AI, dubbed ‘BoredomBuster 3000’, is designed to predict and inject unexpected yet interesting content into your social media timeline. The hope is that your interest in social media will be revived, or at the very least, your eyes won’t glaze over every time you log in.

“Think of it like turning the page of a boring book and suddenly finding a £20 note. Except the book is your social media, and the note is a fascinating post about Mongolian throat singing,” explained Maven CEO, Max Platitude.

However, early reviews have been less than glowing. John Smith, a beta tester, said, “I was promised intrigue, and instead I got a 30-minute video on how to correctly prune a bonsai tree. I don’t even have a bonsai tree.”

Meanwhile, Aunt Brenda is reportedly upset that her cat’s latest antics - knocking over a glass of water - aren’t getting the attention they deserve.

Maven assures users that ‘BoredomBuster 3000’ is still in its learning phase, and will soon be able to differentiate between genuinely interesting content and ‘the dull as dishwater stuff.’ In the meantime, Aunt Brenda’s cat remains the star of the show.

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