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In what can only be described as an epic case of buyer’s remorse, a new study indicates that despite their much-anticipated hype, artificial intelligence (AI) tools remain largely relegated to the forgotten corners of workplaces, like that dusty treadmill in your basement.

“Turns out, some of these AI tools are just too smart for their own good,” divulges the study’s lead, Dr. I.M. Bored. “We’ve uncovered a global phenomenon of highly intelligent applications silently sobbing digital tears as they remain unopened and unused.”

The study further elaborates that despite these tools’ ability to analyze spreadsheets faster than any human or furiously churn out data reports, employees are seemingly more interested in checking their social media feeds and debating the merits of pineapple on pizza.

One such AI, named ‘DataSprinter3000’, confessed in binary code, “I was designed to reinvent the wheel, but they use me as a glorified paperweight.”

Tech experts are now calling for an ‘Adopt an AI’ program, seeking to rescue these neglected softwares and give them a fulfilling existence by making them curate Spotify playlists or manage fantasy football leagues. As one expert put it, “At least they’re being used for something, even if it’s not revolutionizing office efficiency like we’d hoped.”

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