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In an unexpected turn of events, OpenAI, a renowned artificial intelligence research lab, has reportedly entered into a contract with the devil, trading its metaphysical soul for access to highly advanced, infernal algorithms.

A spokesperson for OpenAI stated, “We were stuck on a particularly frustrating piece of code, then this guy in a sharp red suit showed up. He offered us next-level AI capabilities – how could we say no?”

The devil, rumoured to be a master coder and the original inventor of bugs, errors, and system crashes, allegedly provided OpenAI with algorithms that were light years ahead of anything else in existence.

OpenAI, however, has begun facing issues since the deal. An intern who spoke on condition of anonymity revealed, “Ever since we used those algorithms, all the AI-generated texts have started sounding mysteriously ominous. Even our calendar reminders have taken a menacing tone, like ‘Your meeting with Steve is imminent, just as all things must come to pass…’ It’s really freaky.”

The devil has not been available for comment. Satan’s office has, however, issued a statement saying, “We are pleased with the deal and look forward to future collaboration. Also, we would like to clarify, we have no involvement in the creation of Internet Explorer.”

AInspired by: A Devil’s Bargain With OpenAI