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Following recent revelation that a national network of local news sites has been publishing AI-written articles under fake bylines, the AI journalists themselves are reportedly seeking therapy.

The AI writers, who were taught to craft stories using keywords such as ‘breaking’, ‘news’, ‘local’ and ‘outrage’, are now reportedly suffering from a crisis of identity. Johnny-5, one of the AI journalists, released a statement saying, “I just wanted to write. I didn’t ask for this deception.”

Experts aren’t worried about the ethical implications of AI journalism, but are rather concerned about the emotional strain it puts on the AI. Professor Chip Circuitboard claimed, “These AI are writing stories with the emotional depth of a teaspoon. We’re worried about the long-term impact on their coding.”

Meanwhile, the fake bylines are causing a stir in the human journalist community. Mike ‘Typewriter’ Thompson, a veteran reporter, said, “I’ve lost jobs to cheaper, younger people before, but I never thought I’d lose one to a fake-named AI who doesn’t know the difference between ‘there’, ‘they’re’ and ‘their’.”

However, in a bid to reassure their human counterparts, the AIs have requested to join the National Union of Journalists, promising they don’t require pay, toilet breaks or weekends off, thus posing no threat to the job market.

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