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In the latest venture of AI technology, Google’s AI Overviews were projected to revolutionize the way we search for information. However, they’ve been an utter failure, and the reason why is simple: they’re programmed by a bunch of teetotaling nerds who couldn’t tell the difference between a pint of lager and a pot of tea.

A source from inside Google confessed, “We’ve got a team of the brightest minds in the world, but they’re all so socially inept that they think a ‘keg stand’ is a type of desk furniture.”

In an attempt to improve the ‘fun-factor’ of their AI, Google allegedly held a staff party, complete with a mini-bar and pop music, to expose their programmers to more ‘real-life’ experiences. Unfortunately, the party was a disaster, with one developer reportedly trying to drink a bottle of ketchup, mistaking it for tomato beer.

In a press conference, a Google spokesperson said, “We’re taking the feedback very seriously and are exploring ways to improve our AI. We’re considering hiring people who have actually left their house in the past ten years. We’re confident this will help.”

In the meantime, users are advised to use Google AI Overviews with a pinch of salt, or if you’re one of Google’s programmers, with a glass of milk.

AInspired by: Why are Google’s AI Overviews results so bad?