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Generative AI, often touted as the future of journalism, is bracing itself to take over the newsrooms of the world. However, insiders have revealed that these highly advanced machines have a 99% failure rate at spelling ‘banana’.

“We’re on the verge of a journalistic revolution!” said AI specialist, Dr. Code. “Sure, the current version of the AI spells ‘banana’ as ‘banaanana’, but we’re working on that.”

Despite AI’s elementary spelling errors, news organisations are keen to jump on the bandwagon. “We’re thrilled about this development,” said a spokesperson from a prominent news agency. “Our journalists have been so tied up covering critical issues like politics, climate change, and social justice, that they really haven’t had enough time to give to celebrity gossip and the latest fad diets. We see this as a real opportunity.”

Meanwhile, journalists across the globe are preparing for the inevitable. One seasoned reporter, who wished to remain anonymous, remarked, “An AI bot that can’t spell ‘banana’? Might be the best thing to happen to journalism in years. It’ll certainly keep the sub-editors in business.”

Despite the naysayers, Dr. Code remains optimistic, “We’re confident we’ll crack the ‘banana’ problem soon. Then we’ll move onto harder words like ‘potato’ and ‘tomato’. The future of journalism is bright… and filled with misspelt fruit.”

AInspired by: What can generative AI actually do for ordinary journalists?