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In an astonishing turn of events, plucky AI video start-ups have been outpacing their Big Tech competition by introducing a feature the tech giants have notably omitted - the revolutionary ‘Off’ button.

Consumers have been awed by the simplicity and elegance of a feature that enables them to completely stop a video, offering them an unprecedented level of control previously unattainable in Big Tech’s world of autoplay, endless buffering, and irritating mid-video ads.

Jake Matthews, CEO of ByteSize, one of these pioneering start-ups said, “We listened to consumers who wanted an ‘Off’ button. Big Tech was so caught up in developing complex algorithms and invasive ad placements, they forgot that, sometimes, people just want to cease all motion and sound in a video.”

The unveiling of this innovative feature has left tech titans like Google, Amazon, and Facebook reeling.

Tech analyst, Claire Thompson, commented, “It’s a game-changer. Who would’ve thought that allowing users to stop a video at any time would be so popular? It’s a slap in the face to Big Tech who assumed we all enjoy being held hostage by autoplay videos and pop-up ads.”

Meanwhile, Big Tech scrambled to replicate the feature, but expressed concerns over how the ‘Off’ button could potentially disrupt their much-loved business model of causing mild irritation to users.

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