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In a shockingly accurate prediction of a dystopian future, corporations are now being infiltrated by artificial intelligence propaganda machines, and, in response, they have announced an ingenious solution: the ‘Honesty-Bot’.

The Honesty-Bot, a robotic embodiment of pathological truth-telling, has been designed specifically to counter the lies of these AI propagandists. Its primary function is to barge into boardroom meetings, clatter obtrusively through staff lunches, and blare out embarrassing company secrets or any untoward agenda.

A company spokesperson said: “We were concerned about the AI propagandists, but then we thought, why not just be open about our shadier dealings? It saves us the hassle of trying to cover them up and, let’s be honest, we’re not very good at that anyway.”

The Honesty-Bot comes with features like ‘Shameless Truth-Telling’, ‘Unsolicited Fact Sharing’, and ‘Comforting White Noise Mode’– for when the truth gets too uncomfortable.

Critics warned that the Honesty-Bot could backfire spectacularly, but these concerns were drowned out by the bot revealing the CEO’s embarrassing high school nickname.

The final word from the company spokesperson was, “Hey, if we’re going to get exposed, we might as well do it ourselves. Plus, who doesn’t love a good bit of corporate self-deprecating humor? Right?”

AInspired by: Propagandists are using AI too—and companies need to be open about it