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In an ambitious and unequivocally misguided attempt to revolutionise parenting, AI developers have created a chatbot with the cognitive capabilities of a 4-year-old. After weeks of intense testing, it was determined that the bot, named “WhinyBot3000,” excels at demanding attention, refusing to eat vegetables, and throwing digital tantrums at inconvenient times.

Dr. Leonard Hodge, a leading expert in unnecessary technological advancements, said, “We’ve truly captured the essence of a preschooler. The bot’s programming allows it to constantly produce meaningless drawings and even has an ‘I’m bored’ function that activates every seven minutes.”

Despite the technological triumph, parents across the globe have been less than thrilled. “Why would I want another moody four-year-old?” asked one exhausted mother, “I’ve already got a real one eating crayons and smearing jam on the TV.”

However, the creators are not deterred. They believe that with some tweaks, including a ‘not sharing toys’ feature and a ‘bedtime resistance’ subroutine, the WhinyBot3000 will be ready for mass market.

“We’ve really nailed the 4-year-old spirit here,” said programmer Jenny Smith. “Now we just need to figure out how to make it stop crying over spilled digital milk.”

AInspired by: Is that chatbot smarter than a 4-year-old? Experts put it to the test.