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In the tech world, there’s nothing quite as fashionable as taking inspiration from ancient civilizations. In a bold attempt to keep up with this trend, Yahoo has announced that its revamped AI-Powered News App was inspired by the DNA of ancient artifacts.

“The DNA of an ancient Sumerian vase has been encoded into our innovative news app,” stated a Yahoo spokesperson proudly. The new app is expected to deliver news in cuneiform-like text updates, harking back to the dawn of written communication.

“Users can now experience the thrill of deciphering information just like our forebears did on clay tablets,” the spokesperson further added. “We believe this will add a layer of mystery and intrigue to everyday news.”

Critics have questioned the functionality of such an approach, suggesting that users may prefer to simply understand the news rather than having to decode it.

However, Yahoo seems undeterred. “We are looking forward to expanding our ancient inspirations,” said the spokesperson, mentioning plans to include the influence of Stonehenge in Yahoo’s calendar app, and a weather app based on ancient Mayan climate interpretations.

Yahoo’s venture into antiquated tech design signifies a new trend in AI development: the insistence on making things more complicated than necessary, in the name of innovation.

AInspired by: Artifact’s DNA Lives on in Yahoo’s Revamped AI-Powered News App