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The latest development in the Artificial Intelligence (AI) saga is that these power-hungry “brainchildren” of Silicon Valley are now draining the power grid faster than a politician can drain public trust. Tech firms, in an unforeseen twist, are turning to the heavens for help.

A spokesman from a leading tech firm said, “We’ve tried everything – renewable energy, solar panels, borrowing electricity from our neighbours when they’re not looking. Nothing’s worked. AI continues to consume power like a fat kid at a buffet.”

In desperation, Silicon Valley has turned to a surprising source for help – prayers. A recent memo from a prominent AI firm read, “We are asking all employees to save energy by turning off their brains and pray for a miracle. Bonus points if you can perform prayer in binary code.”

Leading scientists are now anxiously tracking clouds formation, hoping for a divine message or at least a hallelujah emoji. The situation has also been described as “the only time in history when tech nerds are praying for the same thing as climate change deniers.”

However, skeptics remain doubtful, with one insider quipping, “Considering we’ve spent the last decade trying to replace human intelligence with artificial ones, hoping for a miracle from above is kind of ironic, isn’t it?”

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