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This year, San Francisco’s artificial intelligence (AI) start-ups have outdone themselves, pushing the boundaries of innovation with ventures including self-driving pigeons and robot bartenders.

Topping the list is “PigeonDrive”, a start-up aiming to revolutionize the urban skyline by implementing self-driving technology into pigeons. The CEO, Lance Goldfinch, insists the venture is not a wild goose chase. “We realized the potential of a bird’s-eye view for traffic management. Plus, the pigeons were just loafing around anyway; we’re just giving them a purpose,” he explained while dodging pigeon droppings on Market Street.

Meanwhile, “Bartendroid” is turning heads at local dive bars. This robotic bartender can mix a perfect Manhattan while lecturing customers about the importance of not drinking and driving. One customer said, “Honestly, I don’t mind the nagging. It’s the constant up-sell of peanuts that’s starting to grate.”

Then there’s “SquirrelSquad”, a start-up focused on GPS tracking of local squirrels to predict regional weather patterns and stock market trends. Critics skeptical about the link between squirrel movements and the Dow Jones were invited to “see the nuts and bolts of the operation” firsthand.

As these AI start-ups soar to new heights, we can only hope that next year’s ventures include robot pigeons capable of bartending. Or better yet, pigeons capable of running start-ups.

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