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In a world where time is money, and reading is for the birds, tech company ElevenLabs has launched an innovative iOS app that converts any text into audio narration, using Artificial Intelligence (AI). The app, simply named “TextyTunes”, has now afforded users the convenience of turning their mundane tasks into emotional rollercoasters.

“This is a game-changer,” says ElevenLabs CEO, John Smith, “Now you can turn your grocery list into a thrilling saga, or your tax returns into a tear-jerking tragedy. Imagine listening to your divorce papers as a bitter-sweet love story narrated by Morgan Freeman. It’s truly transformative.”

Smith, during the demonstration, turned a cooking recipe into a dramatic narration resembling a Shakespearean play. The list of ingredients transformed into characters, each with their own tragic flaws and heroic virtues. A pinch of salt became an ominous villain, while a humble potato was the unsuspected hero.

The app however, has sparked concerns among users. The automated voice, reportedly, adds its own creative flair to the narratives, which has led to some unusual interpretations. One user complained their electricity bill was turned into a dystopian narrative about a world ruled by power-hungry light bulbs.

Despite these minor setbacks, Smith remains positive. “We’re just ironing out the drama,” he says, “Soon you’ll be able to make even your bowel movement schedule sound like an epic saga.”

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