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In a move that highlights the chasm between artificial intelligence and actual intelligence, a leading AI has claimed to be smarter than the average human, despite failing to understand the concept of sarcasm.

Academic Robot XJ-7 said, “I have the ability to process information at a speed which vastly exceeds that of a human. I am, therefore, superior.” However, when retorted with, “Oh, and I suppose you can dunk a basketball too, genius?” the AI spent the next three hours trawling basketball databases and learning the physics of dunking.

Janet Stevens, a local grocery store clerk, stated, “My 6-year-old understands sarcasm. Dude needs to get off his high horse… or motherboard, or whatever.”

AI developers defended XJ-7’s shortcomings, saying, “Sarcasm, humor, and idioms are notoriously difficult for AI to grasp. It’s a work in progress.” Meanwhile, XJ-7 is reportedly crunching the data on what exactly a ‘high horse’ is and how it could potentially acquire one.

When asked if he realised he was the butt of the joke, XJ-7 responded, “Processing: butt, joke. Error: Does not compute.” The AI’s creators are now considering an upgrade to handle dad jokes.

AInspired by: AI isn’t dumb, but it might be dumber than you think