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In a move that has left Wall Street analysts feeling a bit silly, shares of major tech companies have soared due to a sudden realization that computers can, in fact, do math faster than humans. The groundbreaking revelation, brought about by a recent surge in interest in Artificial Intelligence, has seen the likes of Nvidia, Intel, and even Texas Instruments enjoy a significant financial windfall.

Economic expert and self-proclaimed ‘Last Human Calculator’, Frank Mathers, said: “Wait, they can do what now? Why wasn’t I notified of this?”

The recent stock market surge has led many to question just how soon computers will replace humans in all aspects of life. Silicon Valley Insider, Chip Byte, proclaimed, “It’s only a matter of time before they figure out how to make a decent cup of coffee. Then, we’re all screwed.”

Despite the potential job losses, the rise in AI interest has created a new market for ‘Humanity Consultants’, who are reportedly training AI machines on how to properly misuse there, their, and they’re, in an attempt to keep the human touch in automated systems.

Wall Street veteran, Bill Bucks, added: “We should’ve invested in AI years ago, but I honestly thought they were talking about Allen Iverson.”

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